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Agemian Paintings
The Gallery, Landscapes and Beauty

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Oil wash framed 14x14
circa 1929Arab Storyteller
Oil framed 23x18
1934 (Private Collection)Races at Longchamps
Oil framed 46x56
1934Races at Longchamps
detail imageRaces at Longchamps
detailDeux Femmes Dans La Compagne
Oil framed 40x41
circa 1933
La Peinture
Oil framed 32x40
1932Le Bateau
Pastel framed 12x15
circa 1932Le Bateau
Oil framed 11x12
circa 1932Le Soir
Oil framed 11x13
circa 1932College Moorat Sevres, France
Oil framed 31x25
1929Armenian Dancer
Oil framed 14x12
circa 1926
Alpine Landscape
Oil framed 11x13
circa 1934Man and Woman United in Oyster Shell 
Pastel framed 21x18
1938 (Private Collection)Sunset (Verrazano Bay)
Pastel framed 16x18
1962Verrazano Bay Sunset
Pastel framed 11x13
1960Green Bracelet
Oil with palette knife framed 23x20
1939 (Private Collection)La Femme a Cote de la Table
Oil framed 46x38
circa 1930Sketch
Pastel framed 10x13
1960Au Bord de la Mer
Pastel framed 17x15
1929Armenian Scholars (restored)
sketch oil framed
circa 1929Collegio Moorat Garden (Venice)
Oil framed
Pastel framed
Artist's studio in Paris