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Ariel Agemian, Self Portrait
Pastel framed 8x8
1963L'Homme vieux
Pastel framed 19x15
 1936Blessed Mother (model Maria Agemian)
Pastel framed 13x11
1958 (Private Collection)
Stefan Agemian 
Pastel framed 13x16
1941 (Private Collection)Les Pleurs
Pastel framed 25x21
1927La Femme Inconnue
Oil framed 22x19
circa 1933Le Beret
Oil framed 20x17
circa 1934La Femme Inconnue (profile)
Pastel framed 15x13
Maria Roxas Agemian
Pastel framed 29x23
1938 (Private Collection)Armenian Refugee
Oil framed 22x20
circa 1927Annig Agemian's (first communion)
Pastel framed 25x22
1951 (Private Collection)La Femme a Cote de la Table
Oil framed 46x38
circa 1930Giovanni Martinelli (opera star)
Pastel framed 31x25
Oil framed 17x14
circa 1924Blessed Mother
Pastel framed 14x11
1935La Femme Inconnue
Oil unframed 18x15
circa 1934Countness De Leron De Bonneil (Aunt Nedda)
Oil unframed 18x15
circa 1934Aunt "Nedda" (Ester Bredberg-Dawson)
Oil unframed 18x15
circa 1934Aunt "Nedda"
Oil unframed 18x15
circa 1934Crown of Thorns
Pastel framed 12x14
1955 (Holy Cross Church)La Femme Inconnue
Oil framed 34x28
circa 1940Blessed Mother
Pastel framed 19x16
circa 1957Armenian Lady (Holy Cross Armenian Church parishioner)
Oil framed 37x42
1959Blessed Mother (unfinished)
Oil unframed 18x15
1963La Femme Inconnue
Oil unframed 18x15
circa 1934La Voile de Maya (Akim Tamiroff's wife) 20th Century Sphinx
Pastel unframed (sheetrock damaged)  29x23
circa 1938
Aunt "Nedda" (Countess de Vernou de Bonneuil)
Oil framed 24x20
circa 1933 (Private Collection)Pastel Unframed 24x20Pastel Unframed 25x20
Emilio Roxas
Pastel Unframed 20x25
1938Pastel Unframed 23x19Pastel Unframed 18x13Pastel Unframed 16x13Maya
Pastel Unframed 20x13Pastel Unframed 21x16Reflection
Pastel framed 17x13
unknown dateStefan Agemian
Pastel framed 15x11
1951 (Private Collection)Annig Agemian
Pastel framed 15x11
1951 (Private Collection)Cardinal G. Agagianian
Pastel  framed
16x13Harmony in Blue
Pastel Framed 31x25Shushannig Lachinian
pastel framed
private collectionMaria Agemian
Pastel framed
private collectionAnnig Agemian
Pastel framed
1963Armenian Man unknown
Pastel framed
21x17"La Femme Inconnue"
Oil framed
circa 1933
(Private Collection)Unknown Portrait
Oil framedUnknown portrait
pastel framedUnknown portrait
oil framedGirl with Golden Hair
Pastel Framed 30x25La Femme Inconnue
Oil 1"x1"Reflection in a Mirror
Pastel framed 17x14